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The Château la Comtesse de Loire
A little history

An authentic hotel in Saumur

Welcome to 1896 : the Saumur of the Belle Époque opens its doors to you. The Château la Comtesse de Loire was then the majestic property of Madame Baillou de la Brosse where she lived with her four children.

In the 1920s, it was Mr. Alfred Meyer and his wife who acquired it to settle near the prestigious wine estate “GRATIEN & MEYER.”

Owned by the family until 2002, the Château has since changed hands and invites its guests to enjoy its superb during high-end hotel stays, nestled in a park remarkably wooded, in the heart of the city.

Today, it’s up to you to continue writing the history of our charming hotel in Saumur!

In the heart of Saumur

The location of choice

Nestled in its natural setting, the authentic hotel, which is the Château la Comtesse de Loire, enjoys an exceptional location, in the heart of the town of Saumur. 

The wooded park makes every stay calm, relaxing and serene.

The Loire is only a five minute walk away, where strolling and daydreaming await you.

Box & Softness

The wooded park

Sheltered in a English-style wooded park of two hectares, the Château la Comtesse de Loire offers its visitors a bucolic stroll among its now century-old trees: plane trees, oaks, beeches, American walnuts, bald cypresses, yews, Judas trees.

A true reflection of the fashion of the time, the original landscape design has been perfectly preserved. In its center, a water feature decorated with rockeries and a romantic bridge is in fact a drinking hole of the Loire and Thouet. 

Architecture & Femininity

Discover the Building

The castle, with its Eiffel structure and its tuffeau stone, imposes its elegance from its steps topped with a monumental marquise.

Of classic and romantic decoration, its facade is full of details: rough grooves, garlands of draperies and flowers, stone ornaments and mascarons revealing the moods of its owner: anger, anguish, anxiety, sorrow, malice and joy.

On the park side façade, we can see the cartouches and coats of arms of the families of La Brosse and Bouyer de Saint-Gervais de Monhoudou. A magnificent Mansard-style roof crowns the castle with its fish scale slates and fire pots.